Screenshot of the welcome page on logo: Discover. Plan. Launch. is the State of California’s official college and career planning platform. Offering detailed information, curricula, and tools informed by students’ transcript data, it acts as a one-stop shop to help students discover their college and career goals, make plans for how to achieve them, and launch into fulfilling futures.

Students and educators in CCGI partner districts also gain access to data-driven tools that tap directly into students’ coursework information to help them plan high school courses, determine college eligibility, and streamline the college and financial aid application process. Parents and family members can also create accounts on the site to monitor their children’s planning and application progress.

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The journey begins by helping students discover their strengths and interests, learn how they connect to fulfilling careers, and understand the steps they’ll need to realize their goals.

Starting as early as the 6th grade, students can take a wide range of assessments that help identify their learning styles, interests, and career goals.

Students can use search tools to explore thousands of possible careers and find out what they involve, their average salaries, and their potential for growth.

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The built-in academic planner allows students to input and track their completed high school coursework and plan out what courses they still need to take. CCGI partner districts upload coursework data directly into students’ academic planners, allowing them to monitor their “a-g” progress.

College and major search tools allow students to find what majors will help them achieve their career goals and what colleges best meet their needs.

Students can favorite careers, majors, and colleges, allowing them to hone and develop their college and career plans over time.

Students in CCGI partner districts can determine their CSU and UC eligibility using their actual coursework and grades via our automated eligibility tools.

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Students can launch and track California public college applications, as well as federal and state financial aid applications, including:

  • California Community Colleges
  • California State University
  • University of of California (CCGI partner districts only)
  • Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA)
  • California Dream Act Application

By launching their California State University applications from their accounts, students can speed the application process by importing their coursework data directly from their academic planner.

Students in CCGI partner districts gain access to additional application tools, including:

  • Passing transcript information along with their California Community Colleges application to inform course placement.
  • Validating Cal State Apply coursework to identify transcript errors that could affect eligibility.
  • Launching and tracking University of California applications.
  • Tracking the Cal Grant GPA submission status associated with their FAFSA or California Dream Act application.
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Educator Support

It’s not just students who benefit. gives educators and counselors access to unique, data-driven reporting tools which automate routine tasks and allow them to quickly identify and target their efforts on students who need their help.