The California College Guidance Initiative helps students succeed in college and beyond.

Why We’re Here

When California students succeed in college and career, we all succeed with them. They see greater lifetime earnings, create stronger futures for themselves and their families, and draw more and better jobs to their communities. But achieving this goal for all students, especially those who have traditionally been excluded from higher education, requires us to deal with serious challenges. Our educational systems are disconnected and lack consistent statewide data standards, and the academic and vocational dreams of students can be lost in the gaps between them. Counselors are overwhelmed by high caseloads and tasks that could be easily automated, making it hard to provide targeted support to the students who need their help the most.

Silhouette of college student holding up his diploma on graduation day.

Who We Are

The California College Guidance Initiative works to smooth the path to college for California students and unify the efforts of the institutions that serve them. Combining data-driven tools and infrastructure with capacity building and student-focused curricula, we help close the gaps between systems and ensure that all California students, especially those who have been underrepresented in higher education, can move seamlessly from K-12 to college and career.

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What We Do

Through, the California College Guidance Initiative provides students with in-depth, grade-appropriate information and data-driven tools to support college, career, and financial aid planning and applications. We offer counselors and educators a comprehensive suite of reporting tools that automate routine tasks and help quickly identify students who need more help. Through our K-12 partnerships, we work directly with districts to expand their capacity to manage and use student data. Finally, we work across systems, closing the gaps between K-12 and higher education so that the college and career goals of students don’t get lost in the transition.

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Our Partners

Ensuring our students can succeed in college and career requires the combined effort of every educational system. Through our partnerships with K-12 districts and higher education systems, the California College Guidance Initiative helps close the gaps that too often delay or deny students’ academic and vocational goals. And through College Next California, we’re bringing our full range of data-driven tools to districts in targeted regions, free-of-charge.


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